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Like so many other immigrants who came to Brazil in search of the fulfillment of the dream of freedom, prosperity and peace, Santo Piccin dedicated his disposal, time and effort to work in the fields.

In the same way that he saw successful harvests, Santo Piccin also saw growing challenges. Daily work in the field required the use of agricultural equipment, the acquisition of which, however, was out of his reach.

Using the few tools available, while making use of his willpower, experience and inventiveness, Santo decides to set up a small workshop within his property to manufacture the equipment needed.

His first creation was a 'plough" then powered by animal traction, a piece that also brought the valuable assistance of their children to the design and production.

After this first plough, other tools began to be produced, all by hand. The quality with which they were produced and their superior effectiveness in the fields caused the neighboring farmers around "Piccin" to begin to ask for the family to produce enough so that they could also benefit from the use of tools.

Thus, in November 1963 the company "Irmãos Piccin” emerged. As well as selling to the landowners of the region, "Piccin" produced a large batch of ploughs, put them in a truck and travelled the road to sell them. This was the beginning of a great success story, whose evolution is constant.

Currently Piccin has a complete line of tools for soil preparation and is the No. 1 company in this sector, ensuring the quality and safety that the farmer needs.

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