EPCR 300



Piccin Remote Control Scarifier

Decompresses and scarify the ground, with maximum depth of 260 mm. Thus it is very suitable for direct planting and keeping the stumps from previous crops on the soil surface.

The working depth is regulated by means of the tractor's hydraulic system, together with the hydraulic plungers of the rotary joint. The practicality of the scarifier results in fast preparation of the soil, covering large areas in less time, compared with ploughs. The shallower depth compared to subsoilers generates lower fuel consumption. The scarified soil gains in of water absorption capacity, which helps in terms of plant nutrition.

The scarified surface is leveled with the aid of soil loosening rollers that reduce the size of the clods and assist in the stability of the set via coil springs and articulated arms.

The automatic trip system with coil springs of the EPCR-300 prevents excessive strain on the tools components and eliminates down time to reset the rods, thus generating gains in productivity and longer service life.

► Working Depth: Up to 260mm

► Automatic Trip

► Compacting Roller

► Cutting Disc: 18''