Remote Control


Super Heavy Duty Remote Control Harrow

The GSPCR 440 equipment model is equipped with a remote control system for transport, thus facilitating its maneuvers. The super heavy duty disc harrows were designed in pursuit of the perfect relationship between the diameter of a disc, weight per disc, spacing of the disks and cutting angle, providing the equipment with an excellent cutting depth and great finish in the soil, eliminating the formation of the "knife" shape on the worked soil.

The GAICR harrow models, are mainly recommended for the further work on the ground, excellent for work on degraded pastures, cotton stubble, sugarcane crop reform among other uses. Conducts work deep in the soil, thus allowing for the full incorporation of residues, leaving the land in better condition for maximum performance of levelling ploughs.

► 440mm Spacing

► Ø 2.1/2" Axes